ABC Nail Challenge 2014 (January 2014 – April 2014)

ABC Nail Challenge 2014

A is for Arizona

B is for Butterfly

C is for Cow Print

D is for Dance Baby

E is for Eggs

F is for Fergalicious

G is for Galaxy Nails

H is for Hearts

I is for Ikat

J is for Julep Joelle

K is for Kitchen Sink Mani

L is for Leopard Print

M is for Mardi Gras

N is for Nautical Nails

O is for Ocean

P is for Purple Stripes

Q is for Quilted Nails

R is for Roses

S is for Showgirl Blue

T is for Turquoise Stone Nails

U is for Untried (Julep – Mariska)

V is for Vines

W is for Wet n Wild Water Marble

X is for X Nails

Y is for Yellow (Julep – Lilou)

Z is for Zoya Gradient

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