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The End of the A to Z Challenge

Wow! I can’t believe I finished my A to Z nail challenge. It took longer than I thought it would (because I took a couple of breaks), but I really enjoyed having at least some guidance in my nail designs. I’ll be back on Monday with some kind of nail design, but until then, here are links and pictures of all my nail designs from the A to Z challenge:

A is for Anchor

B is for Basketball

C is for Crackle

D is for Dotted French

E is for Easter Egg Gradient

F is for For Audrey

G is for Green

H is for Half Moon

I is for Ikat

J is for Just my Nails

K is for Kite

L is for Ladybug

M is for Mint Sprint with Mini Dots

N is for Night

O is for Orange

P is for Purple

Q is for Question Mark?

R is for Real Gold

S is for Stripes

T is for Tranzitions

U is for Ulta

V is for V

W is for Water Marble

X is for X-Ray

Y is for You Don’t Know Jacques

Z is for Zebra

A to Z Nails


Z is for Zebra

Wow! I can’t believe I’ve finished my A to Z challenge. I have mixed feelings about the challenge haha. I liked that I was able to have some guidance for my nail designs, but at the same time I wanted to do some designs but “couldn’t” because I had already done something for that letter. This week is going good, I’m studying for my test tomorrow and doing my other homework. Ok, time for my last nails in my A to Z nails.

Today’s nails are Z is for Zebra. I started with a coat of Orly Nail Defense as a base coat. I then applied two coats of Rimmel London – Mintlicious. I then used Shany Cosmetics stamping plate SH22 (zebra print) and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Hard as Nails – Black Out. I topped it all with a coat of Orly Nail Defense. Thanks for reading everyone!

Z is for Zebra

L is for Ladybug

Hello Everyone! I can’t believe that it’s already April! Which means that school is almost out (just over a month to go). I had a good weekend (I went to my grandparents’ house for Easter) and this week should hopefully be good as well. I don’t have much else to say, so it’s time for my nails.

Today’s nails are L is for Ladybug. I started with a coat of Orly Nail Defense. I then applied two coats of Pure Ice – Siren. I then used black acrylic paint and a dotting tool to create the dots. I topped it with two coats of Orly Nail Defense. That’s it for today, I’ll be back on Wednesday with the last letter (Z) of my A to Z nail challenge.

L is for Ladybug

J is for Just my Nails

Hello everyone! Happy Friday! I am so glad that it’s Friday, this week was so weird; when I was in class the day went by fast, but when I was at home, time seemed to go really slow (although I’m glad it wasn’t the other way around). I got all my classes for next semester, it’s going to be an interesting one (I have academic classes from 9:30 – 4:45 on Tuesday and Thursday and I’ll marching band practice/games on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday). For Easter this weekend, I’ll be going to my grandparents’ house for the weekend. Hopefully the weather will be warm enough to go swimming (it probably will be, I do live in Arizona). We’ll be doing Easter dinner sometime on Sunday, but other than that I don’t think we have any other plans (that I know of anyway).

So today I have J in my A to Z nail challenge. And I could not get any of my ideas to work. I don’t own any nail polishes or any brands that start with J, I tried jellyfish (and failed miserably), I tried a “jelly sandwich” (that turned out really bad too), I tried to do something inspired by Princess Jasmine from Aladdin (that was a mess). So I decided to go with “just my nails.” My nails are super short (they keep breaking and are super weak and bendy, so I have to keep cutting them unfortunately),  but other than that I think they look pretty healthy. They’re not yellow (any more, they were for a while, because I kept forgetting to use a base coat, but I remember now to use one now) and other than being weak, they’re in good condition. I’m sorry for all the dryness around my cuticles, living in the desert is not very kind to my hands (even with applying lotion regularly and drinking lots of water). These are my natural nails, nothing is on them. I hope you all have a great weekend!

J is for Just My Nails

I is for Ikat

Hello Everyone! The week is half over which means I’m closer to going to my grandparent’s house for Easter. This week has been going pretty good, much less stressful and more relaxed than last week was (especially since I only have one test this week). I don’t have much else to say today, so it’s nail time.

Today’s nails in my A to Z nail challenge are I is for Ikat. I used this tutorial from Nails by Kayla Shevonne. I started with a coat of Orly Strengthener for Peeling and Splitting Nails. The blue is OPI – Can’t Find My Czechbook, the purple is OPI – You’re Such A BudaPest, and the white and black are acrylic paint. I topped the design with two coats of Orly Strengthener for Peeling and Splitting Nails. I messed up my middle finger a little bit (my hand shook), but overall, I like these nails (obviously they’re not the best, but they’re not the worst either 🙂 ) I can’t believe I only have 3 letters left (J, L, and Z) in my A to Z nail challenge.

I is for Ikat

D is for Dotted French

Hey everyone! I hope everyone had a great weekend! I know that this was supposed to go up yesterday, but I was having problems getting my nails to look how I wanted to so it’s going up today. My weekend was okay, unexpected things came up on Saturday and my mentee was unable to make it to the Easter Basket event, but I still went; it was a lot of fun, especially delivering the baskets to the assisted living homes, everyone was really happy that we thought of them, I even met a woman who was 103 years old. The rest of the day Saturday I just kind of hung out and didn’t really do much. Sunday I did some homework, but mostly just lounged around and watched Once Upon a Time and The Walking Dead. I’m hoping that this week will be less busy than last week was (I think it will be since I only have one test). I think I’m going to start posting only on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for a while (I need to focus on school and I want to be able to not stress about blogging – which seems dumb, but I do stress about what I’m going to do with my nails and creating posts), with an occasional weekend post. I might be cutting down on blogging but I’m not giving up on it, I just have to balance school and my life and blogging and the best thing for me right now seems to be to cut down. Thanks for understanding!

And now that the boring part is out of the way, I present you with D is for Dotted French in my A to Z nail challenge. For this design, I started with a coat of Orly Strengthener for Peeling and Splitting Nails (I’m not sure if it works, but I figured it was worth a shot) as a base coat. I then applied three coats of OPI – Suzi’s Hungary AGAIN! (I could have used two, but I was impatient and painted the second coat too soon and it dragged the first coat). I then used white acrylic paint and a dotting tool to create the dotted french tips. I finished it with a coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri – Clearly Quick. I had good intentions with this, but I haven’t used my dotting tools in a while so my dots are a little weird looking haha. The second picture is more color accurate (of the polish, not my hands) and the first is just a better picture. OPI -Suzi’s Hungary AGAIN! is pink not salmon like the first picture shows. For some reason, my camera is being stupid and isn’t taking color accurate pictures, so the “color accurate” picture is from my iPhone 5 camera.

D is for Dotted French D is for Dottted French (color accurate)

E is for Easter Egg Gradient

Hello Everyone! Thank goodness this week is almost over! I’m so ready for the weekend (this week was both long and short if that makes any sense haha). I don’t really have any big plans this weekend, but tomorrow I’m going to be volunteering putting together easter baskets and cards for an assisted living home with the mentoring group I’m a part of. Other than that, I don’t have any plans this weekend, other than to relax.

(I would first like to apologize for the poor quality of my pictures/nails, my camera wasn’t cooperating with me last night so I took these photos with my phone, which apparently didn’t want to cooperate either – they look good in person though haha – and it’s my first attempt at a gradient). Today I have E is for Easter Egg Gradient (yeah, I know Easter is next week, but these reminded me of dyed Easter eggs). I started with two coats of Pure Ice – Superstar! (I was going to just do Candy-licious and Superstar! for my gradient, but my Superstar! is getting thick and is running out – time to buy more white polish [darn haha]). I then used China Glaze – Orange You Hot? and Wet n Wild – Candy-licious for my gradient (along with an Up&Up Latex Free Cosmetic Wedge). I can’t really describe how to do gradient nails, but there are tons of tutorials out there. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday!

E is for Easter Eggs (No Flash) E is for Easter Eggs (Flash)

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