China Glaze – At Vase Value

Hey everyone! I’m so sorry that I took another week off! The week before last I was getting ready to move and then that weekend I actually moved into my apartment! So I was completely busy that weekend and then last week I wasn’t completely unpacked so I couldn’t post anything or paint my nails. On Saturday and yesterday I was finishing unpacking and organizing my apartment. It feels like home now! I’ll try (for real this time) to post at least once a week and ideally twice a week. It may take a bit for me to get back into the swing of things again, but I’ll actually try this time. Although my nails and cuticles are in pretty bad shape right now so I’ll be posting some swatches that I hadn’t posted until my nails/cuticles are better.

Today’s nails are a swatch of China Glaze – At Vase Value from almost a month ago. I started with a coat of Orly – Nail Defense. I then applied three coats of China Glaze – At Vase Value. I then applied a coat of Seche Vite – Dry Fast Top Coat. That’s it for today, thanks for reading! Have a great day!

China Glaze - At Vase Value


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