ABC Nail Challenge 2014: K is for Kitchen Sink Mani

Hey everyone! I’m writing this really tired so if there are any typos I apologize haha. I had a pretty boring end of last week and weekend. I did go to an event for my internship on Saturday, not a lot of people signed up to be mentors, but I talked to some people about the program and I was able to get in hours for my internship class (I have to have 135 internship hours by May 7th, I’m on track to get them all done though 🙂 ). This week so far, I’ve had my two classes and my internship on Monday and yesterday. I’m planning on walking dogs at the Humane Society this morning (if I can get myself up haha) and then this afternoon I have something to do with my internship and I have meetings for two of my honor societies.

Today’s nails are K is for Kitchen Sink Mani (or skittles mani, but I needed a K haha). Today’s nails are a kitchen sink mani (as in, everything but the kitchen sink haha). For all my nails I first applied one coat of OPI Matte Nail Envy. For my thumb I did a gradient with China Glaze – For Audrey and Sally Hansen Hard as Nail Xtreme Wear – Coral Reef (I didn’t get a picture of my thumbs, but you’re not missing much – my gradients aren’t that good haha). For my pointer finger I did leopard print nails with  two coats of For Audrey as my base color and Coral Reef and China Glaze – Flying Dragon for the spots. For my middle finger I applied two coats of Coral Reef and then used For Audrey and a dotting tool for the dots. For my ring finger I applied two coats of Flying Dragon as my base color and then For Audrey, China Glaze – White on White, and Coral Reef to make a cloud mani. For my pinky I did a saran wrap mani with Coral Reef as the base color and For Audrey on top. I applied a coat of INM – Out the Door top coat to all of my nails. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Friday with L nails! Have a great week!

K is for Kitchen Sink Mani (ABC Nail Challenge 2014)


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  1. very cute! Perfect for spring.


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