Sacramento IG Nail Meet Up Nails

Hello everyone! I hope you’ve had a good week! I was feeling completely uninspired on Tuesday and couldn’t decide what to do with my nails, so that’s why there was no post on Wednesday. On Monday, I helped with the puppies at the vet, they had their evaluations and microchips done (I had to hold their heads out of the way and got plenty of puppy kisses haha). Monday was also the only day I’ve seen the puppies this week, they’re getting old enough now that they can be on their own for most of the day (Renee has a neighbor checking on them twice a day to feed and play with them). My sister and I are babysitting for our neighbors again all day Saturday (well, she’s officially babysitting, I’m just going over to hang out/help her keep her sanity haha), and depending on how they behave we might go see the puppies with them, and then I might go see them one last time before I head back to Tucson on Wednesday night (my dad has to work on Wednesday now, so we’ll leave Wednesday afternoon and get to Visalia and then leave early Thursday morning to get down to Tucson). My posting might be normal or non-existant for the next two weeks as I head back to Tucson and have band camp (and could possibly be scarce for the rest of August while I get into the swing of school again). Yesterday I had the wonderful opportunity to meet up with some other Sacramento nail girls from Instagram! It was nice to put some faces to the names (and hands)! Here’s a puppy picture (teal girl) and a picture from the nail meet up.

Teal Girl

Sacramento Nail Girls Meet Up

I did these nails to compliment the maxi dress that I wore to the meet up (the same dress I wore at my sister’s graduation/going away party). I decided to do another Ikat print nail design – that seems to be my go-to nail art right now. I started with a base of Zoya Anchor Base Coat. I then applied two coats of Zoya – Wednesday. For the Ikat print I used Zoya – Arizona and black and white acrylic paint. I topped it with two coats of Out the Door top coat. Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend!

Ikat Nails Sacramento IG Nail Meet Up


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