Dots and Puppies

Hello everyone! I’m really happy to say that Roxie had her puppies on Monday night/ Tuesday Morning! She had 9 puppies total: 2 blue girls, 3 blue boys, 3 grey girls, and 1 grey boy (5 girls and 2 boys). She did a good job, it was her 3rd litter after all. After the 8th puppy was born, we didn’t think that there were any more so we took quick showers and rested. Then, four hours after the last puppy  we went to check on the dogs and found that Roxie had a 9th puppy all by herself. We all rushed to help clean him up and tie off his umbilical cord and he was all good. Renee (Roxie’s owner) caught the puppies; I was in charge of cleaning up/rubbing vigorously, tying the umbilical cord off, and clearing the nose and airways if needed; my sister was in charge of taking notes, helping me tie off the umbilical cords (holding the legs out of the way), weighing the puppies, and choosing the collar colors for each puppy. Roxie is a great mama and all puppies are doing well! Here’s a picture of 8 of the puppies (when this picture was taken, the 9th puppy wasn’t born yet).


I had the base color of these nails on when I was helping whelp puppies, so excuse the slight wear. I started with a coat of OPI Matte Nail Envy. I then applied two coats of OPI – Can’t Find My Czechbook. I then applied two coats of Lucky 13 Lacqer – Hey, Who Turned Out the Lights?. I finished that off with a coat of Orly In a Snap. I had that much on when I was helping whelp puppies, and added dots with China Glaze – Dance Baby when I got home after a much-needed nap (I woke up at 6am on Monday and was up until 8:15am on Tuesday). I topped that with a coat of Orly In a Snap. That’s it from me today, I’m going to be watching puppies today though, so if you want to see more pictures of puppies check out my Instagram. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Friday with more nails!

Blue with Pink Dots

Blue with Pink Dots Glowing


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  1. So cute!


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