Blue and White Gradient

Hey Everyone! I’m feeling a lot better today (yay!). This week went by exceptionally fast for me. I’m not really sure why though, I didn’t really do much. I had my last physical therapy session yesterday, the therapist said that she’s given me enough strengthening exercises and there’s not really a point in continuing to “drag me back every week,” so I’ll continue the exercises on my own and if I have problems while I’m home, I can call and make an appointment. Hopefully the strengthening I’ve done so far and that I will continue to do will help me be able to march as pain-free as possible.

Next week (Wednesday), I’ll be heading to Las Vegas with my boyfriend for a couple days! His 21st birthday is tomorrow (I’m exactly 6 months and 6 days older than him haha), and he’s at a family wedding this weekend so we’ll be headed there Thursday morning. Because I’ll be in Vegas, I won’t be doing my nails, so if anyone is interested in doing a guest post, feel free to contact me (rewdoesnails(at)gmail(dot)com) and we can work something out. I’ll need 2 for sure, but if more people are interested, I can arrange for that. I’ll need guest posts for Friday (6/14) and Monday (6/17), if the dates are important to you. Any skill level/style is welcome!

Today’s nails are my second attempt at a gradient/ombre manicure. I think that they turned out okay, but I still want to improve so there will definitely be more gradients in the future. I started with a coat of OPI Matte Nail Envy. I then applied two coats of China Glaze – White on White. I used OPI – Can’t Find My Czechbook and White on White for the gradient. A tutorial for the gradient can be found here. I did a better job of clean-up on these nails (well, for me at least), but I still have room for improvement (as you can see I got a little overzealous on my middle finger). But hey, I’m a work in progress, and that’s all that matters. Have a good day! I’ll be back on Monday!

Blue and White Gradient


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