Lucky 13 Lacquer – Hey, Who Turned Out the Lights? (and 3D Dotted Nails)

**Products reviewed in this post were purchased by me**

Hello 🙂 Yesterday I had jury duty, I got out of one court room (thank you trip to Vegas in June), and then I waited until 3:30 and was released. I’m glad it’s over for at least another eighteen months though. I have physical therapy for my shoulder today at 10:20, hopefully all the physical therapy will help and I’ll be able to march relatively pain-free. I’m surprised at how fast summer is going, even though it’s only been a week and a half that I’ve been home, it doesn’t feel like it at all. I guess that’s a good and bad thing; a good thing because I’m ready to go back to school and finish my senior year (not excited about the learning part though) and a bad thing because I feel like summer is rushing by and I haven’t really even done anything. Although, later this summer (in about a month) I’ll be helping watch Weimaraner puppies for a family friend who is a (very responsible) breeder. I’m excited for that because I love dogs so much, and puppies are so adorable. Today’s post features my first indie polish – Hey, Who Turned Out the Lights? from Lucky 13 Lacquer.

I’m really excited to share my first indie polish ever (this is a month of firsts for me; first Zoyas and first indie). I purchased a glow in the dark polish called Hey, Who Turned Out the Lights? from Lucky 13 Lacquer. I found out about this brand from Reddit (r/redditpolish). I wanted a good glow in the dark polish after seeing a lot of swatches on Instagram and various blogs, and this polish did not disappoint. For these nails I started with a coat of OPI Matte Nail Envy, topped with two coats of China Glaze – Turned Up Turquoise. I then applied three coats of Lucky 13 Lacquer – Hey, Who Turned Out the Lights?  (I could have used fewer coats, but it was bright in my room and I didn’t want to find somewhere dark to see it glow, and three coats provides an awesome glow). On top of that I started on my 3D dots on my nails. I used Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear – Black Out for the black dots and China Glaze – White on White for the white dots. This technique is really easy if you have dotting tools. Start by placing black dots on your nails, letting them dry, and then placing white dots on top of the black dots, but off to a side. I finished my nails with Orly In a Snap Top Coat.

3D Dotted Nails 1

Glow Nails 1

**Products reviewed in this post were purchased by me**

 I really like Hey, Who Turned Off the Lights?, it is a great glow in the dark top coat. I really like the brush, it’s flat and covers really well. My polish came wrapped in bubble wrap and packed with packing peanuts as well, so it arrived safe and sound. The glow on this polish is really intense. With just a little exposure to light, the polish glows a great green. It did slightly change the color of my nail polish, but I personally don’t find that to be bothersome and it might be avoided by using one or two coats instead of three. Both the polish and shipping were reasonably priced (I paid $10.16 for the polish and shipping – prices for the full sized bottle of polish are increasing by $0.50 (making the price for a full bottle $8.50), but I still find that to be reasonable compared to some nail polish brands. I’m glad to have had such a great experience with an indie company for my first indie; more indies may be in my future. Thank you for checking in, have a great day, I’ll be back on Friday!

Nails Bottle 1

Glow Bottle 2

**Products reviewed in this post were purchased by me**


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