China Glaze Texture – Itty, Bitty & Gritty

Hello 🙂 My orthopedic doctor’s appointment on Monday went okay, although nothing got figured out; because, of course, I couldn’t reproduce the pain at the appointment. The doctor thinks it could be something like a snapping scapula from overuse/repetitive motion or the Bursa gets inflamed when I use it. So I have a physical therapy (to strengthen my shoulder muscles) appointment today at 9:20 and a MRI (to see if there is anything abnormal that could be causing the pain) scheduled for 7:45 tonight. Hopefully the physical therapy will work to make the shoulder and everything around it stronger and the MRI will rule out any abnormalities that could be present. Tonight is also my sister’s FFA award banquet at her high school (well, I went there too, but graduated three years ago) and she did her nails for the occasion, so I might have pictures of her nails later if she remembers to take a picture. I’ll be going to her award ceremony for a little bit, but I have to leave early to get to my doctor’s appointment.

Today’s nails are just a simple, but I like the color and the texture. I used China Glaze – Itty, Bitty & Gritty. As usual, I started with a coat of OPI Matte Nail Envy. I then applied two coats of China Glaze – Itty, Bitty & Gritty. This was my first textured polish and I really liked it. The color is a pretty coral with texture to it, and while it was on, I found myself touching my nails because the texture was so interesting.

china glaze itty bitty & gritty


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