N is for Night

Hello 🙂 My nails are super short still (obviously it’s only been 2 days) which makes it super hard to shape them without also filing my skin, so please bear with me until the grow out 🙂 Also, I’m sorry about the poor quality of this picture, but for some reason my camera wouldn’t capture my nails properly (sorry!).

For these nails I started with a coat of Sinful Colors base coat. I then applied two coats of Pure Ice – Magnetic Attraction High Voltage (minus the magnetic part). I then applied two coats of Pure Ice – Strapless. Once that was dry I applied two coats of Wet n Wild Clear Nail Protectant. I then used Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle – White Tip and Shany Cosmetics SH08 to stamp the moon and stars. I then applied a coat of Wet n Wild Clear Nail Protectant to finish it off. That’s it from me, again I apologize for the poor picture quality and the unevenness of my nails.


I used this tutorial by Kayla Shevonne to create the curved watermark in Gimp. Her instructions are super clear to follow her tutorial has step by step pictures. (Not that I really think my pictures are going to get stolen or anything, I just like it better :))


About Rachel (RachBeth Nails)

Nail Polish Addict.

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  1. This is really pretty!!! I love how mysterious it looks with the little moons.


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