Orchid Express with White Flowers

Hello 🙂 Sorry I’ve been absent for the past couple days, I’ve had a cold so I’ve been too tired to paint my nails, let alone blog, but I’m feeling better every day. Plus classes started on Wednesday. I think my classes will be interesting, and hopefully not too much work (except there is a lot of reading in all my classes). Last night was the first time I had the energy to paint my nails (I usually paint my nails at night and then post about them the next day), so I did something simple that I knew wouldn’t take me a long time – more stamping (I like getting all the practice I can, plus I like the way stamped nails look). I started with a coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri – Orchid Express. I let that dry and used Konad Special Polish – White and Shany Cosmetics stamping plate SH03 to stamp with. I then used a coat of Sally Hansen Hard as Nails – Crystal Clear. These aren’t my best stamping (most of the stamps are not centered and on my right hand I smeared the thumb and pinky when I applied the top coat). I’m just gonna blame that on being tired haha. Hopefully I’ll have better nails for you all this weekend and next week. Have a great day!



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