OMG Nail Strips – Final Review

Hello 🙂 Well, my product review has come to a close, the tips of the nail strips were either shrinking or experiencing major tip wear (as you can see in the pictures below, particularly on my right hand ) and I couldn’t stand it so I removed them by picking them off (the directions said to soak in warm water and then peel them off, but I was too lazy to do that, so I just picked them off). I’m going to address the claims made by the packaging and website first.

Product Claims

Lasts 7 Days (Purple Leopard Packaging)

  • For me, the purple leopard nail polish strips only lasted 2 days, 3 nights. This is not even half the amount of time advertised by the packaging. However this is not really a deal-breaker for me, as I change my nail polish every day or two anyway. But this could be an issue for those who expected the strips to last for a full week. Perhaps with a top coat, the strips could last longer, but I was following the instructions sent to me via email.

100% Shiny (Purple Leopard Packaging)

  • I found these nail polish strips to be extremely shiny, which was what the packaging advertised. I was impressed with the shiny-ness of the nail polish strips.

Zero Drying Time (Purple Leopard Packaging and here)

  • These strips had zero dry time, as they were essentially stickers (well, something more scientific I guess, but basically super nail stickers). This could be appealing to busy people who like their nails to look nice but don’t have spare time to do their nails. I liked this aspect of the nail stickers, once I applied the nail stickers, I did not have to wait for them to dry.

Zero Smudging (Purple Leopard Packaging and here)

  • Obviously there was no smudging (as there was no wet nail polish to apply). This was another benefit, once I was done applying the nail polish strips, I did not have to be careful or smudging or smearing.

Quick and Easy to Apply (here)

  • I found these nail strips to be easy to apply (with the additional emailed instructions – the instructions on the packaging were not as clear). 

Overall Impressions

Overall, I was impressed with the ease of application and the look of the nail polish strips (they were really pretty). However, I was disappointed that the product only stayed on my nails for two days and three nights. I was hoping that the strips would last as long as claimed, but from reading other blogger’s reviews they didn’t last the whole week for other bloggers either. For the price however ($4.29) this is a good product for a special occasion or other event. I might purchase these if I had something to go to and I wanted my nails to match an outfit and I was going to be gone for a while before the event and would not have access to nail polish. Perhaps in the future, I would apply a top coat to see if that would make the strips last longer.


*The products reviewed in this post were provided to me by a representative of the company in exchange for a product review. See Disclosure for more information*

The website for their nail foil strips is

The website for their regular polish strips is

The website for their main website is


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  1. Do you just peel it off … or use nail polish remover?

  2. Oh these looks like so much fun!! 😀


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