1 Day of Wear – OMG Nail Strips Product Review

1 Day of Wear – OMG Nail Strips Product Review

Hello 🙂 Today I have an updated review of OMG Nail Strips after one day of wear. So far I am impressed by this product. The strips have held up well, no signs of lifting and very little signs of tip wear (although, I think that this was from my initial application, not the fault of the product – and in real life, the tip wear is barely visible). My overall verdict for one day of wear is that this product is very good. Here are some pictures 🙂

1dayrightthumb1dayrighthand1dayleftthumb 1daylefthand

The website for their nail foil strips is http://www.omgnailstrips.com/nail-foil-strips

The website for their regular polish strips is http://www.omgnailstrips.com/nail-polish-strips

The website for their main website is http://www.omgnailstrips.com


*The products reviewed in this post were provided to me by a representative of the company in exchange for a product review. See Disclosure for more information*


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