Advent Calendar Challenge – Day 15: Something Cozy

Hey Everyone 🙂 It’s day fifteen of the Advent Calendar Challenge, which means that after today, there are only nine days left (not exactly sure how I feel about that, on one hand I like having an idea for each day, but on the other hand I don’t like the fast-paced nature of having to create a manicure everyday). Today’s theme is something cozy. I was not really sure what to do for this; I tried drawing a scarf, but the paint and brush were not cooperating and I could not make it work, so I tried thinking of other things that make me feel cozy. And I came up with my dogs, I like to sit on the couch and spend time with them, so I decided to go with this idea (I know it’s a bit of a stretch, but I find it cozy, and they’re my nails, so I went with it :)). Anyway, I started with two coats of Wet N Wild – I Need a Refresh-Mint (no reason in particular, other than I like the color). I then used a dark blue acrylic paint and a large dotting tool to create the large pad of the paw print. I then used a smaller dotting tool to create the four smaller pads of the feet. And then I decided to put a top coat on (I thought the acrylic paint was dry, but it wasn’t completely dry) and ended up smearing the paw prints. But that’s ok, I still knew what they were supposed to be. That’s it from me, check out the others who are participating in the challenge and check back tomorrow for another Advent Calendar Challenge Post.



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  1. I’ve heard of using acrylic paint…does it work better for stamping then regular nail polishes??


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