Advent Calendar Challenge – Day 1: Red

It’s the first day of December. December is my birthday month (December 3!), the start of finals, the end of finals, the end of the semester, going home and seeing my dogs and family, a bowl game (Go Cats! Bear Down!), Christmas, and New Year’s Eve (and maybe the end of the world if you’re into that sort of thing). Anyway, another thing happening this month is the Advent Calendar Nail Challenge. Here is the list of themes for the days, check it out and join in!



Ok, so today’s inspiration is Red. I decided to go with Sally Hansen Magnetic – Red-y Response. I followed the instructions on the bottle, and most of my nails turned out good, but for some reason, only the center part of my thumb “accepted” the magnet. I didn’t use a top coat and don’t plan on using one for the majority of the challenge because I’ll only be leaving the designs on for a day. That’s it for today’s challenge post, check back tomorrow for another 🙂



About Rachel (RachBeth Nails)

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  1. Great job! I’m curious of your creation for tomorrows challenge 🙂


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