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Nail Foil Review – OMG Nail Strips

Hello 🙂 Today I have another product review from OMG Nail Strips. When I was contacted by OMG Nail Strips, I was allowed to pick two designs, so I picked a nail polish strips (reviewed here, here, and here) and nail foil strips. I enjoyed the nail polish strips (except for the fact that they only lasted for three nights and two days), so I hoped that the nail foil strips would be good as well. There is a variety of different nail foil strips available for purchase from (for under five dollars), but I chose the Red and Silver Stars Nail Foil Strips.Each set of nail foil strips comes with 16 nail foils in different sizes to fit all your nails. Their nail polish strips can be viewed at And their website can be found at


Because I liked the nail polish strips, I had high hopes for these nail foil strips. Here are the claims that are made by the nail foil strip package and website.

Product Claims

  1. 100% Shiny (Nail Foil Packaging)
  2. Zero Drying Time (Nail Foil Packaging and here)
  3. Zero Smudging or Smearing (Nail Foil Packaging and here)
  4. 16 Shinny Metallic Nail Foil Strips (here)
  5. Quick and Easy to Apply (here)
Instructions (Provided via Email)
  1. Clean and manicure nails and cuticles prior to applying nail strips
  2. Peel nail strips from the flat side of the strip, the rounded side will be placed just above your cuticles (If you have shorter nails you may want to cut the nail strips to length leaving about 3/4″ hanging off the tip of your nail)
  3. Place the round side of the nail strip at the base of your cuticle, applying pressure from the middle of the cuticle press around in one direction and then the other.
  4. Holding the nail strip at the cuticle base stretch the nail strip over the tip of the nail while smoothing any creases on the side of the nail.
  5. Using a cuticle pusher tuck the nail foil along the cuticle base
  6. Hold your nail so it is facing up and with a thin nail file, filing in a (downward only) direction remove the excess nail foil from the tip and around the sides of your nail.
  7. Now that your nail foil is applied use a hair dryer on a high heat and your finger to smooth out any remaining imperfections (for Nail Polish Stickers heat is not necessary)

My Opinion

Unfortunately, I found the nail foils way more difficult to apply than the nail polish strips, I was only able to apply a few of the nail foils without wrinkles or creases. This is frustrating for me because the nail foils are super shiny and the creases are easily visible in certain lights. I did not like having to use a blowdryer to apply these, it took longer than it did to apply the nail polish strips. I don’t have much else to say about the nail foil strips right now, so here are some pictures.

FoilInitialLeftThumbFoilInitialLeftHandFoilInitialRightThumbFoilInitailRightHand *The products reviewed in this post were provided to me by a representative of the company in exchange for a product review. See Disclosure for more information*


OMG Nail Strips – Final Review

Hello 🙂 Well, my product review has come to a close, the tips of the nail strips were either shrinking or experiencing major tip wear (as you can see in the pictures below, particularly on my right hand ) and I couldn’t stand it so I removed them by picking them off (the directions said to soak in warm water and then peel them off, but I was too lazy to do that, so I just picked them off). I’m going to address the claims made by the packaging and website first.

Product Claims

Lasts 7 Days (Purple Leopard Packaging)

  • For me, the purple leopard nail polish strips only lasted 2 days, 3 nights. This is not even half the amount of time advertised by the packaging. However this is not really a deal-breaker for me, as I change my nail polish every day or two anyway. But this could be an issue for those who expected the strips to last for a full week. Perhaps with a top coat, the strips could last longer, but I was following the instructions sent to me via email.

100% Shiny (Purple Leopard Packaging)

  • I found these nail polish strips to be extremely shiny, which was what the packaging advertised. I was impressed with the shiny-ness of the nail polish strips.

Zero Drying Time (Purple Leopard Packaging and here)

  • These strips had zero dry time, as they were essentially stickers (well, something more scientific I guess, but basically super nail stickers). This could be appealing to busy people who like their nails to look nice but don’t have spare time to do their nails. I liked this aspect of the nail stickers, once I applied the nail stickers, I did not have to wait for them to dry.

Zero Smudging (Purple Leopard Packaging and here)

  • Obviously there was no smudging (as there was no wet nail polish to apply). This was another benefit, once I was done applying the nail polish strips, I did not have to be careful or smudging or smearing.

Quick and Easy to Apply (here)

  • I found these nail strips to be easy to apply (with the additional emailed instructions – the instructions on the packaging were not as clear). 

Overall Impressions

Overall, I was impressed with the ease of application and the look of the nail polish strips (they were really pretty). However, I was disappointed that the product only stayed on my nails for two days and three nights. I was hoping that the strips would last as long as claimed, but from reading other blogger’s reviews they didn’t last the whole week for other bloggers either. For the price however ($4.29) this is a good product for a special occasion or other event. I might purchase these if I had something to go to and I wanted my nails to match an outfit and I was going to be gone for a while before the event and would not have access to nail polish. Perhaps in the future, I would apply a top coat to see if that would make the strips last longer.


*The products reviewed in this post were provided to me by a representative of the company in exchange for a product review. See Disclosure for more information*

The website for their nail foil strips is

The website for their regular polish strips is

The website for their main website is

1 Day of Wear – OMG Nail Strips Product Review

1 Day of Wear – OMG Nail Strips Product Review

Hello 🙂 Today I have an updated review of OMG Nail Strips after one day of wear. So far I am impressed by this product. The strips have held up well, no signs of lifting and very little signs of tip wear (although, I think that this was from my initial application, not the fault of the product – and in real life, the tip wear is barely visible). My overall verdict for one day of wear is that this product is very good. Here are some pictures 🙂

1dayrightthumb1dayrighthand1dayleftthumb 1daylefthand

The website for their nail foil strips is

The website for their regular polish strips is

The website for their main website is


*The products reviewed in this post were provided to me by a representative of the company in exchange for a product review. See Disclosure for more information*

First Product Review – OMG Nails Strips (Initial Application)

Hello everyone! I have an exciting post for you all today. I was recently contacted by a representative of OMG Nail Strips to do a product review for their nail strips. These nail strips are more affordable than similar nail strips from big name companies – these nail strips retail for under five dollars, plus free shipping as well as running sales and promotions frequently. There is a variety of nail designs in both nail polish strips and nail foil strips. I was able to choose two designs, so I requested a nail polish strip set (Purple Leopard – the strips that are currently on my nails) and a nail foil set (red and silver foil stars). Each packet of nail strips comes with 14 pieces in different widths. The website for the nail foil strips is; the website for their regular polish strips is; and their main website is

omgnailstrippackage I was excited to review these nail strips because I have never used nail strips and have wanted to, but was not sure if they were worth the money. However, this is a win-win situation for me and the company, I get to try something that I have wanted to try and the company gets to gain a product review. I will be posting a daily review of how these nail strips hold up, so check back!

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Orchid Spitfire

Hello! My mom’s birthday went well, we went to the mall (I got a super cute puppy calendar!), we went to dinner at a sushi restaurant (yum!), and for dessert we had a Baskin Robbin’s chocolate peppermint log roll cake (with fudge frosting – super delicious). Today’s manicure is simple because for some reason I have been on a real glitter kick recently, so my nails have reflected that, plus I’ve been kind of lazy with being on winter break (which is weird because most people have more time during breaks, but I guess I’m just trying to enjoy my break and spend time with my family and dogs – I have more distractions at home than I do at school). Anyway, for my nails I started with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri – Orchid Express. I then topped that with two coats of Pure Ice – Spitfire. I finished it with a coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti Chip Top Coat. purplespitfire

Robin’s Egg

Hello, today’s post will just be a quick one, as it’s my mom’s birthday today (Happy Birthday Mom!). I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas (I know I did). I got nail stamping plates and let’s just say that I still have a lot of work to do before any of my stamping designs will be worthy to be seen here on my blog (any tips you may have would be greatly appreciated, haha). Anyway, today’s nails are from a while ago and they sort of remind me of a robin egg (hence the post title). Anyway, I started with two coats of China Glaze – For Audrey. I then used an Ulta Sparkletini Mini – either Tinseltown or New Year New Me (a teal glitter). I finished with a coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti Chip Top Coat.

Robin's Egg

That’s it from me today. If you have any stamping tips, let me know in the comments 🙂 Thanks for reading!

Merry Christmas

Hello and Merry Christmas! I hope you all are having a wonderful day! I just wanted to show you what I got for Christmas (it’s kind of nail related). I got nail stamping plates and Konad polish, a cashmere shirt, a Wilbur Pillow Pet, an adorable University of Arizona sweatshirt, a new CamelBak water bottle (my old one broke), a day by day dog calendar, and a music note charm for my charm bracelet. I just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas.


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