Pride of Arizona

This manicure was created for the University of Arizona Band Day. The UofA Band Day is a competition for high school bands, with two exhibition performances from the Pride of Arizona (the University of Arizona’s Marching Band). Our show this year is Radiohead 2.0 (featuring the songs 15 Step, Sail to the Moon, and Creep). Anyway, nail time. My manicure was inspired by the POA band uniform (a picture of me in uniform is included). To create this look, I started with two coats of Pure Ice – Siren. Once that was dry, I applied tape diagonally to create the part that would become blue. To create the blue sequins from the uniform, I painted the part below the tape with Pure Ice – Celestial. Once Celestial was dry, I painted over the Celestial with Pure Ice – Strapless to give it a sparkly look. I then removed the tape from the nails. I then used a thin nail art bush (the one with the curved tip) to paint a layer of white (Pure Ice – Supersar!) between the blue and red areas. Once that diagonal line was dry, I used the same brush to layer Pure Ice – Beeware to create the silver sequins. I allowed the design to dry. I then applied tiny block A tattoos to each of my nails (just like on the uniform). I completed the design with one coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat. In case you’re interested in watching the Radiohead 2.0 show, the link is here.


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